Finance and Cards operations specialist



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Finance and Card Operations Specialist
UAE, Dubai
Contract : 12 month to 36 months
Employee rate: Salary + EOSB + VISA + Medical + Annual Leave
Our client is a leading Telecom operator in United Arab Emirates, seeking for Back Office Operation Agent for their Financial team project, looking forward ideal resources for below key spec.

As a Finance and Card Operations Specialist, you will play an important role in the launch and management of card-based financial products and services offered by Client. You will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day card operations, with a strong focus on card delivery reconciliation, dispute management, and exceptional customer support. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining a high level of service quality for our customers are also key aspects of the role.

Role and Responsibilities
• Oversee reconciliations between Mobile Wallet Platform and custodian bank and third party service providers ensuring accuracy and consistency.
• Overlook the pre-funding, settlement, and adjustments process for third-party providers to maintain financial integrity.
• Ensure accurate reconciliation of fees and commissions with the issued invoices in accordance with company policies and finance guidelines.
• Handle reconciliation, settlement, and refund processes effectively and efficiently.
• Monitor daily operational capacity and ensure the monthly availability of resources.
• Oversee card issuance and delivery follow-ups, ensuring timely and secure delivery of cards.
• Attend compliance controls and audits to maintain regulatory compliance and data security standards.

Skills and Experience
• Strong leadership and communication skills, with the ability to effectively manage and guide a team.
• In-depth knowledge of customer operations and quality monitoring procedures.
• Proficiency in generating and analyzing customer service reports, with a keen eye for detail.
• Ability to assess customer service quality and propose effective strategies for improvement.
• Experience in process development and conducting training sessions for customer support teams.
• Familiarity with mobile money platforms and a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
• Authority within the DOA defined by Finance on refund, and error corrections
• Dispute resolution for low value low severity impact cases
• People management over the team
• Oversight over the call center resources and evaluation
• Engagement of temp workforce within the defined budget to support peek activities

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