Director, Supply Chain



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Associate Director, Supply Chain

Role and Responsibilities
– Building the group supply chain network of qualified suppliers for all needed components, bulk & finished products; and to create a database of them
– Oversee and manage the end-to-end purchase order processing for all components, bulk and finished products needed by the Companies to fulfill sales plan.
– Tracking and follow up on all the issued purchase orders to ensure timely manner delivery of all components of bulk or finished products and resolving any issues that may cause delay.
– Translating the yearly sales plan into yearly demand plan & consequently yearly manufacturing plan (or importation plan in case of bulk/finished products) and phase this plan into monthly & weekly plan to ensure availability of finished products in time to match with the preset sales plan in time and in quantity.
– Liaising with quality department and other related departments to ensure that the supplier are approved based on our quality and GMP requirements according to pre-set criteria for supplier approval
– Participating with R&D and Quality department for identifying the correct & qualified suppliers for materials and products needed in our approved pipeline and to support new product cost estimation process
– Participating with finance department and other departments to improve our cost of goods from the angle of materials and components purchase cost to achieve annual and savings targets
– Managing all production plans and quality plans to ensure correct delivery of all needed finished products on time and as per the targeted quantity
– Ensure correct set up and implementation of MRP & ERP systems are used correctly
– Ensuring that all our warehouses for all types of materials, components and finished products are complying with GMP requirements during all steps of handling are following the needed measures to ensure quality and safety.

Skills and experience
– At least 10+ years’ experience as a supply chain head for a pharmaceutical company (Generics)
– Good management and leadership skills
– Good handling and knowledge about computer systems and ERP systems
– Good knowledge of raw and packaging materials suppliers and their qualification requirements
– Master’s Degree (MBA)
Key performance indicators
– Costs savings
– Fulfilment of sales plan
– Successful implementation of MRP and ERP
– Strong supply chain relationships
– Effectively solving supply chain disruptions
– Successfully lead high performing supply chain team