Senior Data Steward



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Data Steward
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Role Summary – Join our team as a Data Steward, responsible for ensuring data quality, integrity, and governance within the organization. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to analyze data sets, resolve discrepancies, and contribute to data strategy development.

Role and Responsibilities
• Analyze complex data sets for valuable business insights.
• Ensure data quality, reconciliation, and integrity through data stewardship practices.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and enforce data governance principles.
• Perform data profiling and validation, resolving discrepancies and anomalies.
• Create and maintain comprehensive documentation for data processes and data dictionaries.

Skills and Experience
• Banking domain experience.
• Proficient in data analysis techniques and tools with a strong analytical mindset.
• Familiarity with data stewardship practices and governance principles.
• Knowledge of data modeling and data flow design.
• Strong documentation skills for maintaining data-related documentation.
• Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and communicate effectively.
• Understanding of data-related tools and technologies.
• Knowledge of data quality best practices.
• Proactive problem-solving skills for timely resolution of data issues.
• DAMA certified is a plus.

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