Falcon Consultant (Rule Writing)



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Job Role – Falcon Consultant (Rule Writing)
Location – Riyadh
Type – Contract
Length – 12-month extendable contract

Benefits – Lucrative salary, EOSB, medical costs
Our client is among the top ten largest banks in the GCC covering Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Treasury and Islamic Banking.

Key Responsibilities:

The role of the Fraud Falcon Consultant is to effectively deal with fraud utilising the falcon fraud detection software and action associated risk related issues, to minimise potential losses.

• FICO Falcon Fraud Manager Rule Authoring
• Rule syntax, constructs, validation, and report interpretation
• Authorization responses, as well as the use of User Defined Variables (UDVs) and User Defined Profiles (UDPs)
• Single and multi-tenant configuration and maintenance considerations
• An open, flexible and supportive approach to change and innovation
• Ensure that the Hierarchy of rules is based upon rule priority
• Utilize the ‘return’ statement to minimize rule firings
• Keep rule actions synchronized with the Hierarchy – this means that higher priority rules should utilize higher priority (or higher severity) actions
• Keep the writing of Notices and Queue Attribute Values to a minimum
• Self-awareness with confidence to work independently and take responsibility for own development
• Both spoken and written communication skills with experience of sharing information effectively, in a clear, concise and professional manner in English
• Experience of making timely and rational decisions, based on relevant information and experience
• Experience of planning and prioritising their own time effectively, aware of their responsibilities and committed to delivering these efficiently
• Experience of personally complying with business processes, rules and regulations
• Coding knowledge within Falcon

Skills and Experience

• 5+ Years within FICO Falcon
• Understanding of FICO Falcon Fraud Manager / Projects and Rulesets / Access Control / Navigating in Falcon Expert
• Experienced in Workstation Navigation
• Experienced in Understanding Data
• Experienced in Writing Structured Rules
• Experienced in Writing Free form Rules
• Experienced in User-Defined Variables (UDVs) and User-Defined Profiles (UDPs)
• Experienced in Writing Retail Banking Rules
• Experienced in Rule Administration and Tenants
• Experienced in Reporting
• Understanding of Nested statements / Temporary Variables / Functions / Hotlist lookup

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