Enterprise Architect



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Position: Enterprise Architect
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contract: 12 months + Extendable
Benefit Package: Salary negotiable + Visa + Health Insurance+ EOSB + Annual Leave + Flights


Technology Strategy and Roadmap:

Develop and communicate the technology roadmap that aligns with the bank’s long-term business goals and objectives.
Identify opportunities for technology innovation and improvement, staying abreast of industry trends and emerging solutions.
Enterprise Architecture Design:

Define and maintain the enterprise architecture framework, including technology components, data models, and integration patterns.
Ensure that the architecture supports the bank’s current and future requirements, fostering agility and adaptability.
Solution Design and Evaluation:

Collaborate with business stakeholders to understand their requirements and design technology solutions that meet their needs.
Evaluate and recommend technology platforms, applications, and vendors, considering factors like scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.
Security and Compliance:

Implement and enforce security measures to protect the bank’s IT systems, customer data, and sensitive information.
Ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and banking regulations.
Data Management:

Oversee data governance practices, ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, and available when needed.
Establish data integration and management strategies to support business processes and analytics.
Technology Evaluation and Innovation:

Research and evaluate emerging technologies, assessing their potential impact on the bank’s operations.
Provide recommendations on technology adoption and investment to drive continuous improvement.
Integration and Interoperability:

Ensure seamless integration and interoperability between different IT systems and applications, both internally and externally.
Optimize data flow and information exchange to improve business efficiency.
IT Standards and Best Practices:

Establish and promote IT standards, guidelines, and best practices to maintain consistency and quality across IT initiatives.
Foster a culture of adherence to architecture principles and methodologies.
Risk Management:

Identify potential technology-related risks and vulnerabilities, developing risk mitigation strategies and disaster recovery plans.
Collaboration and Leadership:

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, IT professionals, and business leaders to drive effective communication and teamwork.
Provide leadership and guidance to the IT team on architecture-related matters.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.
Proven experience as an Enterprise Architect in the banking or financial services industry.
Strong knowledge of banking processes, financial products, and regulatory requirements.
Extensive expertise in IT architecture principles, methodologies, and frameworks.
In-depth understanding of security and compliance standards relevant to the financial industry.
Experience with data management, integration, and analytics.
Familiarity with emerging technologies and their potential application in the banking sector.
Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.
Ability to collaborate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders.