Senior Data Engineer



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Data Engineer
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Role Summary – Join our innovative team as a Data Engineer, responsible for designing and maintaining ETL pipelines, ensuring data quality, and optimizing processes for efficient data movement. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to meet data needs and ensure accuracy and consistency.

Role and Responsibilities
• Design and maintain ETL pipelines, ensuring efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading.
• Collaborate with database administrators to optimize data loading processes and enhance performance.
• Implement business rules and data validation logic to ensure data accuracy.
• Monitor ETL jobs, identify failures, and implement error handling mechanisms.
• Communicate effectively with cross-functional teams to understand data needs and ensure consistency and accuracy.

Skills and Experience
• Proficiency in ETL tools such as Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica BDM, and Apache NiFi.
• Strong SQL skills and understanding of relational databases (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle).
• Familiarity with data warehousing concepts and big data technologies (Hadoop, Spark).
• Knowledge of NoSQL databases (e.g., Hbase, MongoDB) and data governance practices.
• Proven problem-solving abilities for troubleshooting complex data issues.
• Excellent communication skills for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
• Experience in performance tuning for data queries.
• Understanding of data modeling and design standards.
• Analytical mindset with proactive problem-solving skills.

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