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Linnk Technology solutions hold a distinct position in the global technology landscape. Over the past few decades, the convergence of IT, Telecom, and Media has shaped an all-encompassing digital environment. As companies navigate this transformation, they face the challenge of embracing cutting-edge technologies while managing legacy systems and infrastructure. At Linnk, we understand this journey and offer solutions that bridge the gap between innovation and legacy systems, enabling businesses to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Our Market Specialisation


Linnk Group specialises in embracing the multitude of exciting tech opportunities emerging in the industry. Our expertise encompasses the development of streaming technologies, content delivery networks, personalised recommendation algorithms, and analytics tools that extract valuable insights from user behaviour.

Technology, Media

Linnk Group specialises in embracing the multitude of exciting tech opportunities emerging in the industry. Our expertise encompasses the development of streaming technologies, content delivery networks, personalised recommendation algorithms, and analytics tools that extract valuable insights from user behaviour.

Government and Public Sector

Linnk Group specialises in tech opportunities within the government and public sector. We excel in supporting advancements in healthcare delivery, disease surveillance, and emergency response through innovative technology solutions. Join us in driving positive change and transforming the public health sector with our expertise in health information systems, telemedicine platforms, wearable devices, and health analytics solutions.

Energy Utilities

Linnk Group specialises in connecting professionals with specialised skills and knowledge to meet the rising demand in the expanding renewable sector. From solar energy and wind power to bioenergy, hydroelectricity, and energy storage, our recruitment efforts identify and attract individuals with the expertise needed to fill crucial roles.

Health Services,
and Life Sciences

Linnk Group specialises in engineering opportunities within the pharmaceutical and life science industries. These sectors are reliant on engineering expertise for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of products and technologies. Our focus lies in providing skilled engineers who can design, optimise, and maintain complex systems and processes crucial to these industries.

Banking and Financial Services

Linnk Group specialises in the tech opportunities arising in the banking and financial services sector as institutions prioritise efficiency, security, and customer experience. Our expertise lies in digital banking, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions in these areas, helping our clients stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Retail Ecommerce and Transportation

Linnk Group specialises in integrating engineering solutions to optimise operations and meet the demands of a digital marketplace. Our expertise covers supply chain management, warehouse automation, and robotics. Join us to drive excellence in these areas and stay ahead in an increasingly digital landscape.

Linnk Technology's Core Services


Linnk Group bridges talent gaps in a competitive marketplace. With extensive networks and advanced methodologies, we locate top-tier global talent. Our outsourcing services offer a flexible and cost-effective temporary workforce, unlocking the potential of a diverse and skilled team.


Linnk Group's tailored academy programs address future skill shortages through strategic partnerships. Our blended learning journeys combine engaging content, interactive technology, and human touch-points to inspire individuals in building a better future. It's the perfect blend for the next generation and the evolving world of learning.


As a trusted staffing partner, Linnk Group provides access to an extensive talent pool of exceptional candidates for your organisation. Our experts go beyond keyword searches and media posts, building meaningful relationships with passive candidates to align your talent pools with strategic workforce goals.


Linnk Group delivers custom solutions that effectively address your toughest business challenges. Our solutions practice spans various industries and areas of expertise. With a pragmatic approach, we provide access to a wealth of historical knowledge and our expert teams, enabling best-in-practice delivery for end-to-end projects and successful service-driven outcomes.


Linnk Group's experienced teams of OEM-led subject matter experts specialise in IT and Telecom equipment, ensuring smooth operations for global organisations. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions support clients throughout transitions and planning phases, maintaining infrastructure seamlessly.


Linnk Group's advisory and consulting team is equipped with the expertise and resources to support your business in a wide range of scenarios. Whether you're dealing with underperformance or seeking opportunities for optimisation and growth, we understand your perspective and cut through financial complexities to drive meaningful change. Our advisory consultants excel in enabling transformation projects across various sectors, including Technology, Engineering, Life Science, and Renewable Energy.

Connecting you to exceptional talent globally

Our state-of-the-art technology and global network enable us to provide and outsource quality remote and on-site technical solutions tailored to your individual needs. We provide high-impact, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions that are responsive to the challenges of the modern world including; technical consultancy, remote and on-site technical expertise, and resource management.

With years of outsourcing and consultancy expertise, we are experts in finding exceptional talent for cutting-edge projects across the world. We have local entities in UAE and Saudi Arabia, where we have over 100 employees and 150,000 registered technical experts.

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Falcon Production Support Consultant



We have a current opportunity for a Falcon Production Support Analyst on a consultancy basis. The position will be based in Riyadh. For further information about this position please apply. Job Role – Falcon Production Support Analyst Location - Riyadh Type - Contract Length – 12-month extendable contract Benefits - Lucrative salary, EOSB, medical costs Key Requirements: More than 8 years in Experience in Technical Track in falcon (ffms) application  Experience in Falcon Technology  Experience in installation falcon solution in prod and non-prod environments  Experience in Fraud Manager System Administrator’s  Experience in falcon application companioned ( scoring , BO, model , WAS , profile, interface , rule engine, …)  Experience in falcon process workflow ( services and batch )  Experience in integration technology such as MQ, broker, API, Gateways  Experience in Banking Domain  Experience in Java  Experience in database SQL, script ,Oracle , MS access  Experience in operating system UNIX/Linux to cover the needed functionality  Experience in SDLC (waterfall/Agile) methodologies.  Thorough knowledge of banking IT systems and application  Significant Experience in translating the business needs in IT systems and operations  Strong knowledge of products/service development, project and program management methodologies.  Very good knowledge of banking operations and requirements  Knowledge in web and mobile software architectures including

Cobol Developer



Key Responsibilities: Analysis and Design: Collaborate with business analysts and end-users to understand system requirements. Design and document technical specifications based on business requirements. Coding and Development: Write, modify, and debug COBOL programs to meet defined specifications. Develop and implement efficient and scalable solutions. Ensure code quality and adherence to coding standards. Testing: Conduct unit testing to ensure the reliability and functionality of developed code. Collaborate with quality assurance teams to resolve defects and ensure software quality. Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation for all developed code, processes, and procedures. Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including analysts, project managers, and database administrators. Collaborate with other developers to integrate individual software solutions. Maintenance and Support: Provide ongoing support for existing applications, including troubleshooting and resolving issues. Implement updates, patches, and enhancements as needed. Qualifications: Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. Experience: Proven experience as a COBOL developer with a strong understanding of business applications. Experience in the full software development lifecycle. Skills: Proficient in COBOL programming language. Knowledge of relational databases and SQL. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Additional Skills (Preferred): Experience with other programming languages (Java, C#, etc.). Familiarity with modern software development practices.

Kafka Developer



We have a current opportunity for a Kafka Developer on a contract basis. The position will be based in Riyadh. For further information about this position please apply. Job Role - Kafka Developer Location - Riyadh & remote position offshore Type - Contract Length - 6 month extendable contract Benefits - Lucrative salary, airline ticket, EOSB, medical costs • Design, architect, and implement Apache Kafka-based data streaming solutions using the Confluent Platform. • Collaborate with software engineers, data engineers, and DevOps teams to integrate Kafka and Confluent components into our application ecosystem. • Configure and manage Kafka brokers, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, Schema Registry, and other Confluent Platform tools. • Optimize Kafka clusters for performance, scalability, and reliability. • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to data streaming, data pipelines, and event-driven architectures. • Ensure data security and compliance by implementing appropriate authentication, authorization, and encryption measures. • Monitor Kafka clusters and Confluent Platform components using monitoring and alerting tools. • Design and implement caching strategies using Apache Solr to improve search and data retrieval performance. • Collaborate with search and software engineers to identify opportunities for Solr caching. • Configure and optimize Solr caches, filters, and query parameters to enhance search speed. • Monitor Solr caches and indexes to ensure optimal performance and response times. • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Solr caching, query performance, and relevancy. • Implement cache warming techniques to ensure frequently used data is readily available. • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Kafka and Confluent technologies and recommend best practices. • Mentor junior team members and provide technical guidance as needed. Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. • Proven experience as a Kafka Engineer, working with the Confluent Platform. • Strong understanding of Kafka architecture, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, and Schema Registry. • Experience in designing and implementing Kafka-based event-driven architectures. • Proficiency in configuring, tuning, and troubleshooting Kafka clusters for performance and reliability. • Strong understanding of caching concepts and Apache Solr caching mechanisms. • Proficiency in configuring and managing Solr caches, filters, and query parameters. • Experience with Solr indexing, replication, and sharding. • Knowledge of Solr query optimization techniques and relevance scoring. • Familiarity with cloud platforms such as Azure and its managed Kafka offerings. • Solid programming skills in languages like Java, .NET, or Python. • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues. • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams. • Relevant certifications in Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform (e.g., Confluent Certified Developer/Administrator) are a plus

Security Eng & Ops Manager



Position Summary: We are looked for an experienced Security Engineering & Operations Manager to support our global client in Portugal. In this key role, you will be responsible for ensuring the secure design and implementation of Infrastructure, Applications, Network, Information Assets, and Threat Hunting within Teleperformance. As a vital part of our IT - Security department, you will play a crucial role in driving compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, Privacy laws, and other legal and regulatory requirements. Position: Security Engineering & Operations Manager Type: Contract (6 months) Location: Portugal (Hybrid remote) Languages: English / Portuguese Responsibilities: - Implement and support TP Policy and GISP Programs: Drive the implementation of Teleperformance Policy and Global Information Security Policies to ensure robust security measures. - Enhance Security Policies and Procedures in Contact Centres: Improve the implementation of Security Policies and Procedures in IT Infrastructure, particularly in Contact Centres. - Drive Compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and Privacy Laws: Ensure strict adherence to PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and privacy laws, playing a key role in compliance and certifications. - Lead PCI DSS and ISO 27 001 Audits: Take charge of PCI DSS and ISO 27 001 audits, ensuring comprehensive compliance and addressing any queries. - Design and Implement Security Models: Develop and implement security models for Infrastructure components, Application development, and overall network architecture. - Conduct Threat Hunting and Security Analysis: Proactively perform Threat Hunting and in-depth Security analysis in collaboration with Regional and Global Security Operations Centres. - Manage Security Assets: Oversee the management of Security assets, including Digital Certificates. - Oversee Operations Security Manager (OSM) Role: Assume the role of Operations Security Manager as defined by the group, ensuring anti-fraud compliance. - Investigate Fraud Activities and Security Incidents: Play a crucial role in investigating fraud activities and security incidents, collaborating with cross-functional teams. - Enforce Contractual Compliance and Security Requirements: Enforce contractual compliance, manage client projects, and ensure the fulfilment of all security requirements. - Requirements: - Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and fluent in spoken and written English. - Familiarity with current industry trends and market dynamics. - Understanding of statutory and regulatory compliance, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and Privacy Law. - CISSP, CFE, PMP, and ITIL certifications are preferred. - Achievement-oriented with strong decision-making abilities. - Demonstrated management skills. - Strategic thinking capability. - Team building and teamwork expertise.

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"From start to finish, Linnk Group are focused on helping us achieve our goals. Their dedication to delivering high-quality Data Scientists in a timely manner was impressive and made all the difference in our hiring process. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

"I was extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency of Linnk Group. They were able to deliver top-quality candidates in a timely manner, which made all the difference in our hiring process. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of Cloud & DevOps talent."

"The team at Linnk Group are incredibly easy to work with and made the entire hiring process a breeze. They were able to provide a range of competitive pricing options that fit within our budget and delivered exceptional results. I couldn't be happier with their service."

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