Who We Are

We work with aspirational companies seeking the best-in-class STEM talent.

At our core is the specialism for pure-play consultants outsourcing around STEM skills.

Established by a passionate management team that believed a group of people, sharing common goals and values could create a business that would have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our extensive experience and expertise over the years led us to evolve the business to become one of the most successful omnichannel Professional service businesses expanding our offerings across people-led Managed to outsource, Managed solutions, and Advisory.

Our Team have helped some of the most ambitious companies on this planet solve skill and know-how shortages in 150 countries.

Linnk Group Divisions

Our specialist brands enable companies to access evolutionary expertise in the form of people, delivery and knowledge ensuring organisations around the world realise their potential by having access to the right people on demand.

Solutions to Solve Future Challenges

The world faces skill shortages that require agile innovative workforce solutions that can harness the driving force of change within future global industries.

Almost all areas of evolution will require technology to combine with science, engineering, and mathematics. With a limited pool of experts, businesses will need to work out how they can access the current talent pool while developing the next generation of skilled employees.

Linnk Group has the service to solve your challenges. The workforce marketplace will become the greatest challenge to global economies' development and growth in line with their ambitious citizens.


Our team is on hand to help bridge talent gaps, in a highly competitive marketplace. We harness our highly developed networks with our proprietary resourcing methodologies to secure our customers the skills they need.

Our outsourcing services allow access to the world's talent pool and a temporary workforce that matches your budget and needs.


Our tailored academy programmes help our industry to develop the skills required for the future. Our programmes have partnered with some of the most evolutionary companies to build programmes that solve the skill shortages of the future.

We create blended and progressive learning journeys that combine engaging creative content, interactive technology, and human touchpoints, inspiring people to build a better future.

The perfect blend for the next generation & new world of learning.


As a trusted staffing partner, we have an extensive talent pool for your next superstar employee.

Building a sufficient talent pool requires talented people who can build relationships with passive candidates. The staffing professionals at Linnk know where to find top talent that goes beyond just keyword searches on job boards or posts on media sites.

We align your talent pools with your strategic workforce goals.


Linnk Group tailors strategies to suit your unique business needs.

Our consulting practice transcends industry and expertise with a pragmatic approach. We allow our clients to access a wealth of historical knowledge by tapping into our expert teams. Our teams provide best-in-practice delivery for end-to-end projects and successful services-driven deliverables.


Our experience over the years has enabled us to develop teams of OEM-led subject matter experts across IT and Telecom equipment. Our expert teams assist some of the largest organisations around the world to keep systems and equipment operating smoothly.

Our structured teams give our clients a complete end-to-end proposition, particularly in the transition phase for the organisation looking to maintain infrastructure in the transition and planning phases.


Our advisory and consulting team has the experience and resources to support your business in a wide range of situations, whether you’re experiencing underperformance or looking to further optimise and grow.


Empowering STEM industries and experts across the world

At Linnk Group, we provide staffing, outsourcing and professional services, enabling access to expert STEM talent globally. Powering our customers who are looking to effect a positive change, in a modern global economy.

We empower organisations defining the future, to unlock exceptional talent whilst enabling STEM experts to reach their ambitions.

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Connecting you with exceptional talent globally

"Linnk Group will take care of you even after the contract has been signed. I highly recommend them 100% to any professional seeking opportunity abroad."

Systematics Programmer

"I recommend strongly anyone looking to establish consultancy services with Linnk."

Senior Systematic Consultant

"Linnk's professionalism in managing external resources and constant communications onsite allowed managers to focus on future planning."

Robotics Deployment Engineering, Europe

To create a cognizant world, it's everybody in. As we set a new standard for what's possible, we recognize that potential is everywhere: It's in our partners, it's in our customers, it's in our team. it's in you.


Leverage our innovative technologies as a business partner, transform your career on our inclusive team, or make your vision a reality as an entrepreneur-however you contribute, we welcome.